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2007-10-29 21:28:40 by nothingnorml

i gotta couple of tracks out guys... please do me a favor and give em a listen... and give me some reveiws.. i'd love some CONSTRUCTIVE critisizm. i got 4 tracks in now.... Remedy for hel 457, Crime Rate 457, Nightmare 457, and Cookies...mmm. You can just do an author search for me (NothingNorml) in the audio portal and my tracks will pop up... thanx...

Nothing Norml

New audio

2007-10-27 18:42:17 by nothingnorml

Yeah so i just uploaded my first track onto the audio portal... hope you all like it.. it's a strange mix... its called Remedy for hell... check it out.. and let me know what you think.... PM me to if you want... thanx

Nothing Norml

damn im a noob

2007-10-25 15:09:28 by nothingnorml

look man.. ima be the first to say it.. im new to the whole flash programs... i have ideas i just never knew how to get them out and veiwable to the world... so if you guys have any hints or ideas of what programs to use and such let me know...please!!! and im lookin for a good music mixer program... so again if you know a good program (Preferably free) let me know... thanx

omg theres alot of kick ass clasical music in the audio portal today. Im la la la la lovin it, but theres only one problem... it's to damn relaxing. it makes me sleepy man. oh yeah, and holy shit i found sonic the mutha f*ckin hedge hog flash to day n i been playin that beeath like fuggin crazy. Even my wife's been playin it all day. It's like i gotta hose her down to get her away from the frigin computer so i can get back on. It used to be myspace that had her panties in a bunch and now it's newgrounds.... thanx... my hobby has taken over my wife... hey as long as i'm the only one hittin that, were kool tankmen...